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Our approach to each client is a tried and true process that ensures continuity throughout all of the following phases.


Planning is the first step to a successful project. This initial phase is where a project’s goals and objectives are defined, and the feasibility of the project is determined. We work diligently with owners, architects, designers, and consulting engineers to help identify a project’s conceptual design and deliverables, define the scope of work, including quality and finish level requirements, and conduct project feasibility and cost analysis.

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Conceptual Design
  • Deliverables Definition
  • Scope Framework
  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis


During pre-construction, our focus is to identify and secure a complete “best fit” professional team for the project. Key project tools and metrics are also developed to include construction budgets, schedules, communication plans, risk management plans, procurement plans, quality assurance plans, and contracts. Other key activities in this phase include scope detail development, reviewing code and local jurisdiction compliance requirements, permitting and plan review coordination, and problem-solving.

  • Team Formation
  • Construction Budget
  • Construction Schedule
  • Scope Definition & Detailing
  • Detailed Project Plans
  • Code Compliance
  • Problem Resolution


This is where a project’s execution takes place, and our construction management team transitions a project into actual construction. As a full-service construction firm, we are fully engaged and perform quality control inspections and quality assurance surveys, ensuring a project is delivered as designed. Our team’s early due diligence and thorough planning efforts result in high-quality construction work and deliverables. We provide on-site project management, solid and effective safety programs, adherence to plans & specifications, and timely inspections to ensure a project stays on track and completed on time.

  • On-Site Project Management
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Design & Specification Adherence
  • Production Schedule Milestones
  • Performance & Code Inspections
  • Safety/OSHA Standards

Project Closeout

Proper closeout procedures include more than just completing a punch list. Our clients are provided with all project information, which includes a construction closeout checklist and all closeout documents such as manuals, warranties and guarantees, as-built drawings, product & finishes care and maintenance guides, final lien waivers, inspection records and reports, required testing results, and final cost accountings.

  • Substantial & Final Completions
  • Closeout Checklist
  • Product Manuals
  • Warranties & Guarantees
  • Care & Maintenance Guides
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Inspection Reports
  • Training