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Since 1990, Artistic General Contracting has offered commercial renovation services to the contiguous United States. We clearly understand the unique construction challenges associated with conducting a renovation in an operating property. Developed over years, we integrate six definable traits into our daily business approach to accommodate the specialized conditions of the commercial renovation industry. Experience supported by a responsive, flexible, practical, trusted, and committed approach yields desired results on each project.

Organizationally, Artistic General Contracting takes a systematic approach to managing objectives each client has related to their property and the associated renovation. First, we pursue the identifiable objectives in a positive proactive manner. Second, the flexibility of our people and process adapt to each project to produce an agreeable strategic renovation plan. Once understood, we implement practical construction methods adhering to safety, budget and schedule requirements. Finally, Artistic General Contracting is accountable to successfully complete the renovation with integrity.

Ultimately, we seek to cultivate a spirit of partnership with each client that fosters trust, commitment, and a sustainable relationship. The business approach of Artistic General Contracting, defined by our identifiable traits, differentiates us from the competition within the commercial renovation industry.

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Artistic General Contracting seeks to cultivate a spirit of partnership. We also challenge ourselves to be diligent in responsibilities to the client and the community. Artistic General Contracting believes a successful company is built around exceptional people that believe in an identity. The identity of Artistic General Contracting is to bring prosperity to clients, employees, associates, and community.

Artistic General Contracting maintains focus by staying accountable to six definable traits: experience, responsive, flexible, practical, trusted and committed. Developed over years of experience, we integrate a responsive, flexible, practical, and committed business approach to our projects that ultimately develops client trust during the life cycle of a renovation.

Artistic General Contracting continually challenges the means and methods of delivering renovation services to hospitality and multi-family properties. We pursue new ideas, technology and devices that can positively affect our business approach and increase effectiveness. Smart phones, tablets and cloud-based information systems seamlessly connect to offer immediate solutions to client objectives.

Orlando Market Manager
Pinnacle Hotel Management

During construction, Artistic managed the renovation work to minimize disruptions to the guests and, as a result, the Guest Satisfaction scores were not tremendously impacted. The renovation schedule was a tight 10 weeks and had to be finished by year-end due to the school year starting up again after the 1st week of January. Artistic General Contracting was instrumental in making this happen.

Artistic paid very close attention to all detail and quality of work, reducing the punch list items to a minimum. The result of the renovation exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Senior Property Improvement Consultant
InterContinental Hotels Group

My experience with the construction and management team was most professional in all aspects. The quality of construction workmanship was outstanding. The caliber of design and construction transformed a 25-year old property into one of the market leaders.

Artistic General Contracting demonstrated knowledge of IHG Brand Standards, ADA compliancy, life safety, as well as installing our new Re-Launch elements.

It is worth noting, this hotel remained open during this 9-month renovation, which requires a higher caliber of managing operations and construction, and mediating guest impact. The Hotel maintained above-average guest satisfaction scores throughout the entire renovation; a rare, if not impossible, achievement. This is directly due to the courteous methodology of the renovation team.

General Manager
The Ocean Club on Smuggler’s Beach

The Artistic staff took each unexpected turn of this project in stride and maintained forward progress at all times. It was a tough task managing ever changing requirements of our building department, uncooperative weather, and consistent increase in the work without additional time to complete the project. Artistic had workers on-site virtually around the clock and successfully completed the project by the deadline.

Artistic had somewhere around 100 workers on the project each day and maintained control of the property with very minimal issues. The project was kept clean and neat at all times. We had very few punch items that needed to be addressed once residents returned, which were handled promptly by the workers. Our residents were extremely pleased with the results of the renovation of their units.

This was a very difficult project, and Artistic truly proved to us that they were up to the challenge. I, without reservation, recommend this excellent organization.

General Manager
Vacation Villas at FantasyWorld

During the construction, Artistic managed the projects well, which resulted in high guest satisfaction scores. We were expecting to see a drop in guest satisfaction, but were pleasantly surprised by Artistic’s ability to complete the work without any significant guest impact.

The production schedule was maintained while keeping close attention on work quality, which reduced punch items throughout each phase of the project. The project was well-organized, clean, and the workers’ behavior on-site was professional.

I enjoyed working with the Artistic team and found their staff to be responsive, professional, and courteous. I would, without hesitation, recommend Artistic General Contracting. I look forward to working with Artistic on future projects.

Saeger Performance Furnishings, LLC

We have worked with Artistic General Contracting on several projects and it is our pleasure to recommend them for any hospitality renovation project. We have worked with the Artistic team from the conceptual phase through the renovation of a project and found working with their staff a pleasure, both before and after the project and at all phases of during and after the project. Every member of their team has been professional and responsive to the needs of our ownership and staff, in spite of some of our own changes.

During the renovations, Artistic always made things seem effortless for our staff by managing the renovation work to minimize guest impact. Workers on the property were courteous and conducted their work in a professional manner at all times, while remaining on schedule. The quality control by Artistic’s on-site staff provided a seamless close-out with very few and small punch list of items. All punch list items were completed almost immediately!

Project Director
3H Group Hotels

During construction, Artistic managed the renovation work to minimize disruptions to guests, therefore, guest satisfaction remained high even during the project. The production schedule was maintained and unexpected construction challenges that presented themselves were resolved promptly. I was very impressed with the communication between Artistic’s construction management team and the property staff.

Artistic paid close attention to the quality of the work, reducing the amount of punch work at the end of each phase of the construction. The project was well-organized, clean, and workers on-site displayed professional behavior. Overall, the results of the project exceeded our expectations.

Director of Technical Services
Oceanside Resorts, Inc.

Artistic recently completed the renovation of our eight-story Sheraton Hotel located in Charlotte, NC. Artistic was responsible for renovating 14,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, guestrooms, atrium, restaurant, bar, lounge area featuring the latest Sheraton Link (Business Center) system, an indoor/outdoor pool, fitness center, and an executive concierge lounge. This was a difficult project as all work was carried out while the hotel was in full operation. I believe the project was successful for all involved, primarily due to the knowledge, leadership, and professionalism of Artistic.

I fully endorse Artistic and recommend their services without hesitation. It is a pleasure doing business with a company that still believes in a handshake.

Asset Manager
Grand Teton Lodge Company

Performing renovation on a NHL (National Historic Landmark) located inside of a National Park as remote as Grand Teton presents several challenges. First, the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office must ensure that the project in no way alters the historical character of the Lodge. Secondly, the National Park Service demands a high level of environmental accountability. Finally, the sheer size and remoteness of our property and the limited window of opportunity imposed on us by the severe weather conditions unique to our area made this project a very daunting undertaking. So daunting, in fact, no local contractors even offered to bid a project of this scope.

Fortunately for us, Artistic was able to not only meet, but also exceeded our expectations for a General Contractor. Their staff worked closely with us in developing a plan to address our distinctive challenges.

General Manager
Polynesian Isles Resort

I just wanted to say “thank you” for the great job you and your staff did for us on our recent kitchen renovations at Polynesian Isles. The finished project far exceeded my expectations and we couldn’t be happier. The kitchens are amazing! I can truthfully say, this was the easiest renovation project I have ever experienced in my 30+ years as a resort manager.

Director of Facilities
Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa

Their professionalism on-site and dedication to each renovation makes Artistic a pleasure to do business with. Their services come highly recommended.

Artistic General Contracting is committed to the success and increased adoption of sustainable construction practices throughout the commercial renovation industry. As part of this effort, we apply the theory and practice of green building in our renovation projects. We believe green building methods are not only good for the environment, they also provide immediate and long-term economic benefits for hotel developers, management companies, owners and occupants.

From our experience, the costs associated with sustainable projects can be reasonably contained to a level comparable to traditional construction methods. In addition to sourcing repurposed materials, recycling demolition debris makes a positive impact on the environment and the economy. The average renovation uses 20 to 30 dumpsters translating into approximately 120 tons of debris. Landfills where construction debris is typically dumped are major sources of water and soil pollution, as well as large producers of greenhouse gases. Artistic General Contracting seeks local and regional recyclers of construction debris in an effort to reduce the amount of landfill waste.

Every project is different, and each geographic location presents its own challenges and regulations. Artistic General Contracting is committed to researching sustainable materials, repurposed materials, recycling debris and disposal opportunities.

Green Commitment Testimonial

“The National Park Service demands a high level of environmental accountability. Artistic was not only able to meet, but exceeded all of our expectations as a General Contractor. They respected the historical significance of the property through the restoration of defining characteristics of the guest rooms. They used environmentally sustainable products including recycled content carpet and low-VOC paint. They lined up a local source to donate ten semi-trailer loads of furniture and soft goods. Artistic also managed the demolition process to save cabinets and fixtures and donated them to the local Habitat for Humanity store. The end result was 98% of the room waste was diverted away from our local landfill.”

Project Manager
Grand Teton Lodge Company

We reward hard work, excellence and exceptional attitude with the kind of opportunity that allows your career to grow. When we choose our associates, we invest in them for the long term. If you have a strong work ethic, are a person of integrity, and enjoy team success more than a solitary achievement, you can build a career here.

Artistic has a culture of responsibility to our clients. We promote a relaxed, fun, professional atmosphere. Ours is an open door environment that demands respect for others, integrity, hard work, and honest collaboration. This is a place where a mindset of partnership rather than employee-employer is desired.
We seek individuals who thrive is an environment of task and responsibility independence; where there is freedom of time management. People who are self-starting, make-it-happen, whatever-it-takes team players succeed at Artistic. Successful Artistic partners know how to get things done and possess a desire to serve those around them; willing to work outside their immediate responsibility when the client or team needs support.
Among clients, employees and associates, we’re known for our flexibility, responsiveness and practical approach. Our mindset is to work for the best interest of others, which is constantly reflected in our attitude, our communication and our work.

We’re highly motivated to attract and retain the best talent that is a fit within our culture. We maintain a competitive, flexible and comprehensive benefits package that truly benefits our people. Medical, dental, life and disability insurances, incentive compensation plans, employee assistance programs, and generous vacation and sick leave. All are designed to meet the broad range of employee needs throughout a career and beyond.  Our goal is to enable our partners to successfully manage their health, financial security and well-being.

Please submit your resume as an email attachment to HR@x40.ee6.myftpupload.com